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Saving lives...four hooves at a time.

Each year, horses from the United States are auctioned and sent to slaughter houses in Canada and Mexico to be processed and exported overseas for human consumption. Until 2017, approximately 137,000 horses were transported and slaughtered annually in Canada and Mexico. Due to rescues like Hope For Hooves Rescue and Adoption, that number has decreased to 80,000 horses annually. Our hope is to educate prospective horse owners the responsibility involved in living with horses, as well as offer an alternative option for horses that can no longer be cared for due to financial issues, family illness or other matters.

How YOU Can Help

The average cost of a rescue through our program for three months is $6,000. This includes the cost for the rescue from slaughter barns, boarding, medical needs, farrier costs, training and transportation. Every dollar we receive goes directly to the care of each horse rescued.